3D Laser Scanning Services

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As manufacturing processes continually evolve, contract metrology service providers need to adapt to meet new demands. 3D scanning technologies are improving daily, and sometimes capturing a single measurement point at a very high accuracy is not the right fit for the job. As a leading metrology service company, API Services has equipped their service engineers with 3D scanning technologies and processes to meet the demands of evolving industries.

“We have expanded our reach by equipping ourselves with 3D spherical laser scanners and portable measuring arms with fully integrated scanning heads,” says Eddie Jimenez, API Service Engineer. “These tools have expanded our scanning volumes, while improving the detail that can be captured. And they’ve minimized our scanning and processing times. They are vital for the present demands of inspection and reverse engineering.”

API’s suite of 3D scanning products includes the API Hemispherical Scanner, the API Arm with Skyline Scanner, and the Z+F Imager. API’s experienced team of engineers can be contracted to use these products for applications ranging from reverse engineering to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual environment/clash detection to design and as-built CAD modeling for analysis and beyond.

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