API Launches Laser Tracker Rental and Rent-To-Own Programs

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API has announced the launch of its Laser Tracker rental program. The program allows manufacturers to gain access to API’s benchmark RADIAN laser tracker to perform specific measurement, alignment and calibration tasks or overcome periods of bottleneck for its own portable measurement equipment. API trackers can be rented daily, weekly, monthly or for longer periods. Trackers can be supplied complete with metrology software, or the customer can utilize their own measurement software license.

API can also provide its RADIAN laser tracker under a Rent-to-Own program whereby rental payments are offset against the cost of a new API tracker. This unique API rent-to-buy program is expected to be popular where a company’s equipment investment process is lengthy but the need for a laser tracker is immediate. The program allows users to get measuring while their internal equipment procurement mechanism remains ongoing.

Trackers can be rented with all accessories including the vProbe, which allows CMM style tactile measurements to be performed on large parts on the manufacturing floor, and the iScan sensor, allowing the laser tracker to be used for laser scanning and point cloud creation for both reverse engineering and production part inspections.

The Laser Tracker rental program is available through API’s Metrology Services Division who also perform on-site contract inspection, measurements and alignments throughout USA, Canada and Mexico, in addition to performing laser tracker accuracy verifications in the field and laser tracker calibrations at its ISO17025 certified laboratory.

About API  

For more than 30 years API has pioneered laser-based equipment for measurement and calibration. API founder and CEO, Dr. Kam Lau, invented the laser tracker while working at USA’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to allow industrial robot accuracies to be determined. 

Today API is a global company with its laser trackers, machine tool and robot calibration equipment, optical sensors and coordinate measuring products continuing to be the benchmark for metrology Automation, Precision and Innovation. API measurement and calibration products are at the heart of manufacturing organizations world-wide ensuring product quality and performance.

API also provides on-site dimensional inspection, metrology and calibration services. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland USA, API has subsidiary operations in Germany, France, Brazil, China and India. For more information, please visit www.apimetrology.com.