API Robotic Calibration Services

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As automation continues to evolve across all manufacturing disciplines, robots are being tasked with functions that require higher and higher degrees of accuracy. Slight errors in robotic accuracy can lead to cascading failures and costly downtime for recalibration. API Services can help prevent these errors from the start. “To meet manufacturing demands, robots have to be more accurate in the shop than when they are sold,” Ron Hicks, Vice President of North American Sales and Services says. “API Services has the combination of high-performance products and real-world metrology experience to help your robots meet those standards.”

API’s team of service engineers pairs a combined 200+ years of metrology experience with API’s state-of-the-art Radian Laser Trackers, Automated Tracker Targets, and proprietary Robotic Measurement Software (RMS) to diagnose and compensate for up to 30 different robot parameters to ISO 9283 Standards. Once the machine is put back in production, the software runs in the background, monitors the programmed toolpath, and applies real-time compensations automatically to the tool tip.

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