API Calibration Services offer on-site machine-tool and industrial robot calibration and volumetric error correction services. Laser trackers can be calibrated at our laboratory or accuracy certified in the field. A2LA Accredited; ISO 17025 Certified.

Machine Tool Calibration | Robot Accuracy Verification | Robot Calibration | Laser Tracker Calibration | Laser Tracker Certification

Consistent and reliable manufacturing equipment performance is critical to achieving process capability whether machine-tools, robots or specialized machinery.  API can improve both static and dynamic performance of machine-tools, CMMs and position critical motion systems. Whatever your manufacturing equipment calibration needs API Calibration Services has both the equipment and technicians with the necessary calibration experience.
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API machine-tool laser alignment and machine calibration services inspect, analyze and improve performance of machine-tools. Laser interferometer alignment can include volumetric compensation ensuring optimum accuracy throughout the entire machine working volume. API Services have specialized expertise in large volume and sophisticated 5 axis machine tools.

Machine tools when new perform within the OEM geometrical tolerances. Over time and usage these errors will increase. This increase in the volumetric or centering accuracy of your machine can induce manufactured part errors resulting in rejected and scrap parts. API can verify your machine tool performance and calibration back to the original manufacturer’s specification.



API robot calibration services include robot performance verification, robot calibration and robot path planning enhancement providing improved process performance. AOI’s unique 6DoF Laser Tracker, motorized SMR and Robot Metrology Software (RMS) combine to provide improved absolute robot positioning accuracy. Twelve-fold improvement in robot positioning accuracies have been achieved.

RMS procedures use ISO 9283 guidelines to check accuracy, repeatability, pose, distance, drift, and overshoot by exercising all robot joints. Robot working envelope can be defined applicable to the planned robot application function. Measuring a free point cloud consisting of 80 points the RMS software generates a DH (Denavit-Hartenberg) frame model parameter set that can be used to correct errors in joint angles and link lengths. The revised DH parameter can be directly input into the robot controller or used to update the robot motion path program.


Laser Tracker Calibration

ISO 17025 certified, accredited by A2LA, Laser Tracker calibration and Laser Tracker accuracy certification of API, Leica and Faro Laser Trackers to the ASME 8B9.4.19 standard. Laser tracker certifications can also be provided on-site minimizing tracker ‘down-time’. Laser calibration and accuracy certification can be scheduled with a rapid turnaround at any of the API global calibration labs in USA, Germany, China, India and Brazil or your nearest regional tracker certification center located in Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Newport News and Rockville, USA.

“The investment in regionalized tracker certification centers by API minimizes the turn-around time for customer trackers and ensures that users are not enduring long delays in getting their tracker into the lab for recertification.” states Ron Hick API Vice President. “API recertify all Laser Tracker brands regardless of model and age and operate under A2LA ISO17025 accreditation.”