Services: CMM Calibration

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Countless factories across every industry use Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)s to certify the quality of their manufacturing processes. For nearly sixty years, CMMs have been a fixture in quality control and part inspection processes. Even … Read More

Laser Tracker Calibrations Measure Record Numbers

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API Services has announced that it has calibrated more than 200 laser trackers in 2019 to date. API Services’, ISO 17025 accredited, laser tracker calibration facilities provide OEM factory calibration of laser trackers at its … Read More

Equipment Rental Services

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API Metrology and Calibration Equipment Rental

High-end metrology products, like all capital equipment, represent a serious investment for most companies. Laser Trackers, Portable Arm CMMs, and Automated Inspection Equipment are not purchased on a whim. There is usually a multi-step process … Read More

Metrology Training Services

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To obtain the best results in all manufacturing situations, selecting the right equipment is only half the battle. Even the best equipment will only be as effective as the operator running its processes. An untrained … Read More

Reverse Engineering Services

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Manufacturing the world over follows a general process: a CAD model or design is input to a production machine, the machine creates the part, and the part is measured and inspected against the model to … Read More

Turbine Inspection and Alignment Using Laser Trackers

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Gas and steam turbine measurement applications are primarily focused on bore alignments. Typically, a multi-station turbine bore inspection can be performed using a laser tracker inside one day. From the initial setup to final data … Read More