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API Metrology and Calibration Equipment Rental

High-end metrology products, like all capital equipment, represent a serious investment for most companies. Laser Trackers, Portable Arm CMMs, and Automated Inspection Equipment are not purchased on a whim. There is usually a multi-step process involving a clearly defined scope of work for the equipment, SOPs, price comparisons, and investments in personnel training in order to get budget approval. Companies need to know they are going to use the product and it will be effective. So, what happens when a company has a one-off project requiring this type of equipment or is unsure how often they will actually use the product?

Fortunately, API offers daily, weekly, and monthly rental programs for their equipment. From the Radian Laser Tracker Series to their suite of Machine Tool Calibration products to the API Arm, you can have an extended trial of the equipment to use on your day-to-day manufacturing processes. And when you rent with API, you don’t just get a piece of equipment in a box; each rental comes with choice of mounting stand, laptop with choice of software, tool kit, and free access to the API Services support line.

“You can’t just up and send someone a tracker,” says Ron Hicks, API’s VP of North American Sales and Services. “You have to be able to train someone if they don’t know how to operate [the tracker]. You have to test the equipment before it goes out and provide documentation certifying its performance. You have to be able to replace the equipment if they go down for whatever reason. Anything to make our customers successful; we’ve geared our service toward that.”

And if, when your rental is over, you decide you want to keep the equipment for every day use, API offers a Rent-to-Own program in which rental payments are offset against the cost of purchasing new equipment. The Rent-to-Own process can even be used to offset delays caused by the lengthy purchasing process described above and get you measuring immediately. For more information on API’s equipment rental options, click here.

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