API Measurement Services offer on-site dimensional inspection services for prototype, 1st article and production measurements. Our suite of measurement services include reverse engineering, 3d modelling, inspection and alignments, machine tool and robot calibration services performed to ISO 17025 certification.

Laser Tracker | Portable Arm CMM | Laser Line Scanner | Long Range Scanner | Laser Interferometer

Manufactured parts that are too large to be moved from the manufacturing floor and inspected in a metrology laboratory require to be measured in situ. API Services are experts with portable dimensional inspection and scanning equipment. API metrology equipment includes laser Tracker, Portable Arm CMM, Laser Line Scanners and Long Range 3D Laser Scanners.

Whatever your measurement needs API Services has both the equipment and technicians with the necessary metrology experience.


Prototype Inspection

On-site dimensional measurement and 3D scanning services for prototype parts using laser trackers for large volume parts or portable arm CMM, with optional laser line scanner, for smaller parts. Reverse engineering of prototype parts can include point cloud generation with either direct comparison to a CAD model or CAD model generation.

With so many parts being 3D printed today their dimensional conformance is critical; API Services offer rapid response dimension measurement services providing 3rd party verification and validation of printed parts in a timely manner.

Whatever your prototype part measurement needs talk to API Services.


First Article Dimensional Inspection

On-site first article dimensional inspection service, with fully documented inspection report, detailing comparison against nominal using portable arm CMM and optional laser line scanner. Large scale parts are measured using laser tracker or a combination of tracker and portable arm. Part to CAD comparison with topographical color map comparing part to CAD is also available.

Implementing a new manufacturing process requires attention to detail, especially with a new process or equipment. API Measurement Services first article inspection ensure that the manufacturing equipment is correctly installed and calibrated and provides verification of the manufacturing process. First Article dimensional measurement compares the first manufactured parts from the manufacturing line to its 3D CAD model or engineering drawing and conformance to both specifications and tolerances.


Production Dimensional Measurement

API measurement technicians are available to support your production inspection needs with your measurement equipment or ours. Have a short-term inspection bottleneck or a manpower issue? You can count on API Measurement Services to support your immediate dimensional measurement needs.

The portability and speed of our 3D inspection services team allows on-site part inspection to be performed in process, improving your ability to pinpoint quality problems, reduce errors and troubleshoot equipment and processes. Large volume parts represent a dimensional metrology challenge to many metrology service providers – not to API - the inventor of the laser tracker – with a comprehensive range of tools and accessories to measure every challenge.



API reverse engineering services utilized advanced equipment and software. If your part is too large to ship our reverse engineering technician will come to your facility. API has perfected the art of reverse engineering and 3D modelling processes.

We use a range of 3D scanning technologies to capture millions of points that perfectly describe the part geometric properties as a point cloud which can be used for extracting dimensions.

API can also produce a CAD model of damaged or worn parts by creating the original design intent. 3D scanning represents the quickest method to collect part data and creation of a CAD model that can be utilized for further design work or manufacturing.


Inspection & Alignment

API offers expert technicians and equipment providing high-quality, certified, on-site dimensional inspection and alignment services. Our team are experts in the nuclear and power generation industries and certified to NQA-1.

Precision alignment and dimensional inspection of machinery, manufacturing and process equipment and production lines is offered across a wide range of industries. API uses laser trackers and portable arm CMMs arms providing alignment services which can include real-time adjustments and 3rd party inspection reports.

API has the alignment expertise to ensure alignment tolerances are achieved on the demanding applications offering a cost-effective turnkey alignment and measurement service.