Whether for global manufacturers or small custom shops, API’s measurement expertise, combined with advanced metrology equipment, can execute convenient and fast reverse engineering projects. Our Laser scanning services can create data from an existing part or compare captured data to a CAD model. Reverse engineering services include scan as-built parts to creation of a 3D digital point cloud and CAD Model.


API reverse engineering service utilizes advanced equipment and software. Your facility or ours. API has perfected an efficient reverse engineering and modelling process.

"Review your reverse engineering project with the experts."


Whether your requirement is a CAD model of a prototype part or designing a part within existing part constraints, API's laser scanning services can provide a digital point cloud of your part. API utilizes a range of non-contact scanners for both large and intricate parts providing the necessary detail and accuracy for your project. We can laser scan your parts at our facility or attend your location with our equipment if your part is large or of a highly sensitive nature.


API reverse engineering technicians are expert users of the benchmark reverse engineering Polyworks software and are able to take the 'as-generated' point cloud and direct compare against a nominal CAD model of the scanned part. API technicians can provide a colored topographical 3D report showing quantified deviations in the scanned model which can be presented in free form or with reference alignment conditions. Geometry extraction with actual versus nominal reporting.


Utilizing PolyWorks Modeler, a comprehensive reverse-engineering software, API technicians can extract optimal CAD entities including curves, surfaces, and prismatic features from the generated polygonal models of reverse engineered digitized parts providing a professional part CAD modeling solution. Typical applications include prototype parts, legacy part replication, product benchmarking and historical documentation.


API measurement services are experts at dealing with historical preservation and the documentation of heritage artifacts. Our reverse engineering services, and sophisticated portable reverse engineering scanning equipment, will attend your site and perform the necessary data collection execution. We are never daunted by the many challenges of heritage project complexities and have the experience and project sensitivity that matters.