Production Measurement Services

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The end goal of all manufacturing, regardless of industry, is to take a design blueprint and produce a physical part that matches the specifications from that blueprint. Regardless of the part size, these processes require routine Production Measurement checks to ensure accuracy in the final production. Whatever your dimensional inspection equipment and manpower needs, API has the resources available to support your requirements.

High, Medium, and Low Volume manufacturing applications all require Production Measurement.  High Volume processes require routine inspections to ensure not only part accuracy, but also accuracy and repeatability in the manufacturing equipment. Whereas Low Volume applications require part inspections at every step to ensure the final assembly will be accurate, even if adjustments need to be made during the process.

“We did some work for a company that builds spheres and sells them to nuclear facilities who place a bomb into the sphere and explode it,” says Ron Hicks, API’s North American VP of Sales and Services. “The spheres contain the explosion and are designed with very high tolerances. So, they start building the steel sphere, probably 4 feet in diameter. And they get to a point in their process, call us in; we measure it and come up with a best-fit sphere. And then we install reference lines for key points they can use to keep building the next step. And then they’ll work some more, have us come in, scan it again, create another best-fit sphere, and they’ll adjust the process each time.”

API Services’ team of metrology engineers boasts over 200 combined years of metrology experience in all fields, including Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Machinery, Energy, Defense, and Shipbuilding. Using API’s state-of-the-art equipment, Radian Laser Tracker series and Target accessories, API Arm w/scanner, Machine Tool Calibration equipment led by the XD Laser, and proprietary Robotic Measurement Software (RMS), they can craft a solution for any measurement your manufacturing process requires. API Services is ISO 17025 certified and A2LA accredited.

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