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Countless factories across every industry use Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)s to certify the quality of their manufacturing processes. For nearly sixty years, CMMs have been a fixture in quality control and part inspection processes. Even as portable arms and laser trackers have gained in popularity, many still rely on the tried and true fixed CMM as a final backstop to their processes. But how do we ensure the accuracy of the CMM?

As with all machines, CMMs have moving parts, and over time, those parts will slip from their original position and fall out of spec. Sometimes, the problem is systemic and the CMM needs to be repaired or replaced. Often, however, CMMs, like machine tools, simply need to have their measurements verified and their errors compensated. API Services is now offering CMM calibration, in addition to its portfolio of machine tool, industrial robot and laser tracker calibration services. API offers both standard certification and premium calibration services to original OEM CMM specifications. The latter includes a full 21 parameter error-map created. Calibration reports include “before” and “after” information.

“I believe the cooperation between Globus [with Expert Mapping software] and API with the XD Laser will bring value to both companies,” Eran Yeruham, Owner and CEO, Globus Technical Equipment Ltd. “But most importantly, it will bring great value to the CMM calibration market.”

API Services’ CMM calibration combines the 6 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) XD Laser Interferometer with a Globus’ new Expert Mapping software to calibrate CMMs back to OEM specifications in accordance with ISO 10360-2. This service is available for CMMs or any make and model, reading and updating stored error maps in both the controller and CMM software. API Services has over 200 years combined metrology experience and is ISO 17025 certified and A2LA accredited.

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